Host - a - Hive

Host - a - Hive


Want to have bees but don’t have the time to commit to a new hobby?

Are you a business who is interested in conservation?


Host - a - Hive!


This is a program where we provided the equipment, legal registrations, bees, maintenance and additional resources for maintaining a healthy beehive. You benefit from having local pollinators for your garden or business and will receive up to 40lbs of your very own hyper-local honey!

We invite you to suit up with us to journey with us into the lives of your bees as we perform hive inspections & educational sessions. Suits will be provided!

  • What to Expect

    • All Equipment, Maintenance, Honey Harvesting, and Installation is handeled by Healthy Honey Bee Farm
    • Bees need room to fly in/out of their hive please allow for 10 feet on the front and sides of the hive for access
    • The Host - a - Hive program is a 1-year commitment begining in the early spring
    • For the benifit of the bees surrounding plants 2 hives are recommended per location
    • The Majority of the honey is harvested in May/June but depending on weather smaller harvests can occur
    • You will receive up to 40lbs of hyper-local honey from each hive
    • Join Us! We welcome you to participate as much or a little as you like. We promise you'll have fun!
    • Honeybees are very calm and unlikely to sting when they're left alone