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Spring Nucs 2022

Spring Nucs 2022


Local Hybrid - Open Mated We allow our Italian and Carniolan Bee stocks to mate with Feral Bees that we have caught around NC.Why Feral Bees? Feral Bees developed a tolerance to Varroa Mites since the 1980’s and we have found that the Bees that have been in our area since the 1600's are best suited for our climate. Nucs consist of 5 fully drawn frames, Bees, a mated queen and a wooden nuc box. Pick-up May 2022

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  • Recommendations

    We recommend taking an Intro to Beekeeping class prior to picking up your Nuc if this is your first time experiencingthe joy of keeping bees.

    For those close to Wilmington, NC we recommend the New Hanover County Beekeepers Beginners Bee School


  • Terms

    We will notify you via email when your Nuc is available and ask you to sign a liability waiver once you arrive. Bees are an agricultural product and part of nature. We cannot offer refunds once an order is placed.


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