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Pollinator Contracts 2022

Pollinator Contracts 2022


Looking for Bees for pollation services?

We rent out our bees on an ongoing basis to pollentate a varity of crops as long as you meet our farm standards. We love our bees and our farmers  and want to ensure the highest quality pollenation service while protecting and conserving our natural resources.


Rental includes

  • Pollenation for crop duration
  • On-going Hive Management
  • Delivery, Placement, Removal


Contact us to determine how many hives/acre are needed for your crop.

  • Terms & Conditions

    Price is per Hive

    By purchaseing bees from Healthy Honey Bee Farm you agree to the following:

    The grower agrees to provide a suitable place to locate the hives. The site must be accessible to a truck and/ or other vehicles used in handling and servicing the colonies. The grower shall allow the beekeeper entry on the premises whenever necessary to service the bees, and the grower assumes full responsibility for all loss and damage to his fields or crops resulting from the use of trucks or other vehicles in handling and servicing such colonies of honey bees.

    The grower agrees not to apply pesticides to the crop while the bees are being used as pollinators nor immediately prior to their movement into the field or orchard.

     The grower also agrees to properly dispose of all pesticide solutions in such a manner that bees will not be able to contact the material while searching for a water source.

    The grower agrees to give the beekeeper a 48 hour notice if hazardous materials are going to be applied. The cost of moving the bees away from and back to the crop to prevent damage from toxic materials shall be borne by the grower.

     Additional moves or settings shall require $50 per hive per move.

    The grower agrees to provide adequate watering facilities for the bees if none are available within one-half mile of each colony used in pollinating the crop.

    The grower agrees to reimburse Healthy Honey Bee Farm up to $450 per hive for any damage caused by the grower to the bee colony from equipment, neglegence or peticide use.

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